Since I've gotten some hits on my blog about Andrea's great Skype project, I thought I'd throw it in my wiki. Here I can have pics, podcasts & words all on one page. Andrea's class was studying globalization. Skype allowed us to immerse ourselves in the concept. Using Andrea's blog the students collaborated to write questions of two businessmen who work together, but at opposite ends of the world. John works in Chicago and Ronald works in China. You can view the final questions here.

During one class the students talked to John in Chicago live via Skype. Following that conversation they listened to Andrea talking with Ronald. Andrea brought in a recording of her Skype interview with Ronald on her iPod and played it through her pc speakers. She asked him the same questions, but because of the time difference she conducted this interview herself in the early morning. During both interviews the students took notes. Andrea provided each class member a two sided paper with the list of questions, one side for John, one for Ronald. The class submitted thesis statements through Andrea's blog and the next class period they constructed a Globalization Venn Diagram.

The slideshow below is created in Slide and the podcasts are housed at Odeo. The embedded podcast player has three files: Andrea's class talking to a Chicago businessman named John, Andrea talking to a Hong Kong businessman named Ronald, and me talking to two of Andrea's students.

Try and listen to the first interview - it is great. Around the 10-11 minute mark your brain will be turned on. Note: This is the version with the cut out around 57 seconds, I left it like that to keep it real. Man. The odd silence familiar to every teacher lasts only a few seconds. If you are standing in front of people just smile knowingly. :)

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